The DJS Powder Coat Process

DJS Qualicoaters’ is a leader in the application of powder coated finishes for architectural aluminium. At the heart of the production process is our commitment to superior quality and service. The following steps are critical in maintaining this.

Pre Treatment

The foundation to any good quality coating is the pre-treatment. This is because powder, as a cured film, is actually permeable. The solid cured film contains many millions of micro pores which allow moisture to permeate through the film which can potentially promote corrosion of the substrate from beneath the powder coatings.

The chromate system adopted by DJS conforms fully with the requirements of AS3715 and AAMA2605 and is fully audited by our process and quality controllers throughout the production day. Furthermore our pre-treatment supplier has full access to the plant and conducts a fortnightly audit of the plant to ensure all working parameters are being met and measurement tools are calibrated.

The Aluminium is initially processed via an Acid etch cleaner which removes surface contamination and microscopically etches the surface of the substrate in preparation for the chromate conversion layer. After acid cleaning the part is subject to two fresh water rinses before entering the chromate zone. Following chromate conversion, the parts are subjected to a further two fresh water rinses prior to a final rinse in demineralised water. This demineralised rinse ensures that the part is completely free of water contaminants, particularly salts, prior to force dry off through a gas fired convection oven.

By applying this chromate conversion layer, the long term corrosion resistance of the part is ensured.


Powder Application

After the appropriate jigging and production equipment has been allocated, the powder is applied with an electrostatic spray gun to a part that is at earth (or ground) potential. The electrostatic charge gives the powder the ability to wrap around the whole part and give a consistent cover over the visible faces. The powder will remain attached to the part as long as some of the electrostatic charge remains on the powder.





Oven Curing

To obtain the final solid, tough, abrasion resistant coating, the powder coated items are placed in our computer controlled, indirectly gas fired, air convection camel back oven. The items are heated to temperatures that range from 160 to 250 degrees C (depending on the powder grade) at which time the powder liquefies and the resins crosslink to transform the powder to a tough, highly durable surface finish.




Packaging is of the utmost importance in order to ensure that when the finished product arrives at its destination, the quality of the product is identical to how it was when it came out of our oven. We do everything to ensure that our client’s expectations are met and often exceeded with the choice of individual hand wrapping or spiral wrapping. The material is then placed into a case and boxed by our packaging professionals in such a way that minimizes movement and the possibility of damage.

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