Performance Standards

DJS has and will continue to work towards maintaining and where possible, exceeding the highest finishing standard possible.



American Architectural Manufacturers Association


Performance Standard AAMA 2605
Superior Performance
Min. Film Thickness 1.2 mils (30.5 micron)
Crosshatch Adhesion Dry, Wet & Boiling
Direct Impact Resistance 0.1 inch (2.54 mm)
minor crack / no pick off
HCl Resistance (10%) 15 minute spot
no blister or colour change
Mortar Resistance 24 hrs surface contact
no adhesion or residue
Detergent Resistance 72 hrs immersion
No change or loss of adh.
Humidity Resistance 4000 hrs 100% humidity
#8 blister size maximum
Salt Spray Resistance Scribed 4000 hrs 5% solution
min. 7 on scribe, 8 on field
Metal Pre-treatment Req. 40 mg/ft² chrome
Pencil Hardness (min.) F
Abrasion Resistance (l/mil) 40
Nitric Acid Vapour Resis. 30 minute exposure
< 5 ∆E colour change
Window Cleaner Resis. 24 hour spot test
no visual change
Weathering 10 yrs Florida
5 ∆E max. colour change
50% gloss retention min.
8 chalk min. (6 on whites)
10% film erosion max.


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