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Approved Applicators are part of a network of applicators that have been assessed for their ability to meet the demanding standards set by our suppliers and the various applicable international standards. DJS Qualicoaters specialise in powder coating of all extruded architectural aluminium products. Through years of supplier selection and evaluation, we have been able to partner with two of the market leaders in powder manufacturing, both in Dulux and Interpon Powder Coatings. They’re committed to ensuring the best possible performance from their various architectural powder coatings range.

Approved Applicator Process

Test samples are submitted periodically to paint vendor laboratories for additional testing. Strict performance criteria are required to maintain status of Approved Applicator.

Colour uniformity AS3715
Dry film thickness AS3715
Specular gloss AS3715
Dry film hardness AS3715
24-hour wet adhesion AS3715
20-min boiling water adhesion AS3715
Direct impact AS3715
Abrasion resistance AS3715
Muriatic acid resistance AS3715
Mortar resistance AS3715
Nitric acid resistance AS3715
24-hour window cleaner resistance AS3715
Accelerated humidity resistance AS3715
Accelerated salt spray resistance AS3715

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