Total Quality Commitment

At DJS, we have a strong commitment to “Total Quality.” That is, we believe quality is the responsibility of each and every person in our organisation. Everyone who has involvement with a customer order, from the time the order is taken, entered into our system, items received, job processed, inspected, packaged and returned to our customer.

It is our experience that by encouraging everyone to take ownership of quality, the amount of rejected work is reduced exponentially. The savings accrued from reduced rework benefit our customers in two key ways, faster turnaround times and lower prices.

Each section below details the areas that we focus on in order to achieve the highest possible level of service.

Production Management

Production management is handled through Xero, a cloud-based accounting software system which is very user friendly and includes modules that allow us to undertake material planning, track stock, schedule orders and evaluate our performance of that order once it is complete. This means that we are able to efficiently schedule work and advise on the status of orders in real time.

Paint Standards

We undertake work in accordance with a range of prescribed standards including AS3715-2002 as well as the highest powder coating standards currently available, AAMA-2605 and exceptional standards enforced by our powder manufacturers for their approved applicators.

Highly Skilled Staff

Our most valuable asset is our highly skilled staff. We take the time to employ the best and ensure that adequate training takes place. Our highly skilled staff help to reduce production issues by understanding the processes and applying a proactive approach to problem solving on the job.

Cross Training

For greater efficiency and flexibility our staff are cross-trained in multiple areas. This helps in levelling out the workload should production volume fluctuate outside of buffered forecast levels. This flexibility ensures consistent quality control through the availability of additional trained staff when required.

Plant & Materials

Through investment in the best plant and materials we can guarantee consistency, repeatability and quality. Preventative maintenance on our application spray plant and equipment means that our staff always have the most suitable tools to carry out their task and the use of only the highest quality powders on the market means that quality will always be of the highest standard.

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