Inventories & Distribution

The DJS Qualicoaters firm commitment to Customer Service is the backbone and fundamental concept of our Warehousing and distribution services. We understand your need to focus on what is important to your business and not be held back by material management issues and it’s a way for us to Value Add to your experience with us.

Managed Inventories

DJS Managed inventory service allows our customers to maintain a lean inventory and gives us the ability and means to be able to reduce lead times for our customers’ orders in any colour and quantity.

The DJS Qualicoaters 20,000 square foot facility provides the opportunity for customers to send their mill finish stock materials, direct to us from the extruder. DJS’s receiving department verifies counts upon delivery, then stores customer material in horizontal and vertical storage systems. When the order is placed, the selected stock is pulled from the available inventory and finished as per customer specifications.

Benefits of DJS MI

Managed Inventory – Increased space at customers’ facility. DJS Qualicoaters will work directly with your metal supplier providing lean inventory, inspection of material, count verification, damage reports and the handling of any scrap.

Reporting – DJS Qualicoaters monitors the amount of metal on hand and sends periodic inventory reports along with cycle counts, average inventory turns, minimum and maximum inventory levels and high and low mover reports. This is all done utilising the systems available to us using Xero (cloud-based accounting software).

Transportation and distribution – Strategically situated in Moss Vale in the Southern Highlands region of N.S.W. DJS Qualicoaters offers flexible services for pick up and delivery to Sydney, the Illawarra & South Coast and ACT whilst giving our customers the personal attention they need. DJS Qualicoaters customers experience reduced freight costs with all products pulled, finished and shipped from one inventory. DJS transportation presents reduced lead times, coordination of freight, customer specific packaging and damage-free delivery.

Saving Potential

DJS Qualicoaters’ facilities become an extension of the customers business as a fully-integrated partner. DJS Qualicoaters’ partners will see savings with;

• Inventory reduction
• Less scrap
• Reduced handling
• Reduced freight costs
• Freed up manufacturing space and labour
• Reduced lead times.

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