Rapid Cure

70RAPIDCURE™ is a tough thermosetting powder coating that exhibits decorative and durable characteristics suitable for a broad range of interior and exterior product applications where excellent overall performance is required. RAPIDCURE™ has been formulated especially for residential developments equivalent to Class 1 or Class 10 under the Australian Building Code that are up to 3 floors from the ground. RAPIDCURE™ has been developed for use on extruded architectural aluminium including window and door frames, extruded panel work on residential buildings and other general industrial metal applications.

Low energy curing polyester resin technology gives RAPIDCURE™ the ability to provide a reduction in energy consumption and or, to increase process line speeds. For more information view this short video here.

  • Supported by a 10 year durability warranty* on pre-treated architectural aluminium when applied by a Dulux Registered Applicator
  • Suitable for developments further than 100 metres from salt water
  • Faster line speeds
  • Lower oven temperatures
  • Good colour retention
  • Hard wearing/serviceable finish

Code: 260 Line

Formulated to meet: AS 3715-2002, AS 4506-2005 and AAMA 2603

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