Hyper Durable Fluoropolymer – 30 Year Warranty

Hyper Durable Fluoropolymer powder coatings are designed to conform with the performance requirements of AAMA2605-05 (specification for Superior Performing Organic Coatings and the highest standard in the world). Hyper Durable technology uses innovative fluorocarbon polymer chemistry that is designed to provide maximum gloss and colour retention in service as well as providing excellent cosmetic and functional protection whilst exploiting the recognised benefits of powder coatings. Fluoropolymer coatings are environmentally friendly alternative to liquid PVF2 systems with the advantage of very good Mar resistance (the ability of a finish to resist scuff and rub marks).

Fluoropolymer coatings have been developed for use on extruded architectural aluminium, including window and door frames, and extruded panel work on commercial buildings and are available in a limited range of colours and pearlescent effects and in a subtle low sheen finish.

Suitable for:

  • Use on Residential and Commercial Buildings located in  hazardous regions
  • Extruded Architectural Aluminium, including window and door frames
  • Extruded Panel Work on Commercial Buildings



Please see our Project Portfolio for buildings where this product has been used.


• 30 year film integrity
• 25 year colour warranty

• No primer required
• Excellent product flow out
• Reduced solvents/emission

• Only Registered Applicators are able to purchase


• Guaranteed performance on correctly pre-treated aluminium
• Outstanding colour retention
• Smooth film appearance
• The ultimate exterior durable powder coating
• Hard wearing/serviceable finish
• Reduced application costs vs. equivalent liquid coatings


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