ezy Wood Effect

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ezy HD2 Wood Effect gives maximum definition and maximum durability using the advanced Powder on Powder system. This system is unique in the Australian market and produces a product with a realistic look and feel, as well as superior exterior performance.

ezy HD2 coatings are made using Super Durable powders that meet AAMA2604 for both the basecoat and the grain coat. This means that the grain will not fade out and the product will retain its beauty for its entire life.

The powders that are used are tested and proven to perform in coastal and tropical conditions. It is the realistic appearance combined with the quality and durability of the grain being the same as the basecoat that makes this product stand out above the rest.

Because we use powders that meet AAMA2604 standards we can guarantee ezy HD2’s high performance. The warranty includes the grain and the basecoat and covers colour retention, gloss retention and film performance.

Powder coatings that pass AAMA2604 standards are recommended in coastal and tropical areas and areas of moderate to extreme UV as well as for all high rise residential and commercial buildings.

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